WebGl modeling service

You did not find prefered WebGl model or you need custimized WebGl models.

Let us make it for you. When it comes to quality, we will not allow for anything but perfecte 3D models and reasonable rates.

To use this service please contact us:  medison@3dhomepage.net


Services we offer as part of your WebGl Custom Modelling Service:

3D Scan

Using a 3D scanner, scans are taken of the product or object from all sides and angles creating a point cloud. A point cloud consists of millions of precise measurements points. This process provides us with most of the information required to move onto the next step in the process. We are able to capture complex shapes with the 3D scan.
Benefits for You:

  • Fast and very accurate data capture for freeform surfaces
  • Point cloud data can be used by most CAD/CAM systems
  • Generation of STL (surface geometry) or NURBS (creating smooth surfaces and curves) B class surface model directly from the point cloud data

Reverse Engineering
We open the 3D Scan using 3rd generation reverse engineering software creating CAD models using the information provided from the scan. We are able to create 3D models that are precise and have clean class “A” surfaces. Our use of this process provides more information in a fraction of the time while reducing the risk of errors.  Using the data provided by the scan (point cloud precise measurements) as a reference, we are able to construct 3D CAD models reproducing the original within an accuracy of  0.02mm.
We use 3G third-generation reverse engineering software and our models can be saved as many popular CAD formats with complete feature trees:

  • SolidWorks®
  • Siemens NX™
  • CATIA® V4
  • CATIA® V5
  • AutoCAD®

and many others formats for use for CAD/CAM/CAE:

  • Parasolid®
  • STL
  • IGES
  • STEP

Benefits for You:

  • Convert any physical shape or object into digital 3D CAD format with A class surfaces
  • Accurate color comparison can be done between the object and CAD dataCreate tooling for any object
  • Changes can be made to your tool, mould, part or object
  • Watertight solid models let you machine directly from our data
  • Save time and money in your product development
  • Can be accessed with any CAD system

3D CAD design and modeling
We are able to construct a 3D CAD model using any underlay, a file or document, provided by you that are able to give us enough information to build into a 3D model.