WebGl Format Conversion

You have 3D model and want a WebGL model

This is a common problem and one that we can help you with. We can convert your data from most 3D CAD software programs into your preferred 3D Model format. To use this service please contact us: medison@3dhomepage.net

The most popular conversions are:

  • 3D CAD to 3D Studio MAX and 3DS
  • 3D Studio MAX and 3DS to WebGl

Data conversion is our specialty. We use our own 3rd generation high performance conversion software to convert 3D CAD format data to 3D studio MAX 3DS and WebGl. Our methods of conversion create low polygon 3D models with perfect clean curved surfaces.

   All common 3D CAD formats can be converted into 3D Studio Max and 3DS formats. It is important that you provide us with a perfectly clean 3D Model so that the conversion will be faster. Otherwise, we may need to repair the 3D Model which will require more time.

   We are able to:

  • Apply texture mapping to your 3D model and special effect features to animate your 3D model.
  • Convert your 3D Model to WebGl Format using web 3D technology for use on the World Wide Web.

Our own 3D conversion process takes advantage of our converted 3D model’s small file sizes and reduced polygons of the 3D model. This process converts the 3D model from your format to WebGl Format. The WebGl format is perfect for display and in applications for the World Wide Web.

   Our Web WebGl applications work fast and as they are usually not more than 15 000 polygons. We try to limit the file sizes for a perfect model and we try to keep the entire optical impression remaining as true to the original as possible.
If more polygons are required, the application will not work as fast, but will still be a perfect 3D model.

Benefits for You:

  • High quality, low polygon 3D models with perfect surfacing
  • Ideal usability in movies, downstream applications such as games and for use on the World Wide Web
  • We use our own high performance 3D format conversion software which is continually evolving
  • All data is viewable in the target system and volume models remain preserved
  • Our algorithms reduce errors
  • Data transmission is equivalent to industrial safety standards